In our business it’s very important to build a long-term relationship with our customers. Now smooth settlements not only take less time than before, but also help us to achieve full transparency in business relations. The main advantage as we see it with Cloudity subscription product is that it enables us to handle complex subscription contracts with all our customers.~Jacob Philipson, CEO

Datscha AB – Subcriptions for Salesforce


Datscha from Sweden is an innovative company which is present in the UK offering commercial property information for professionals in 7 different countries. Their proposed services allows for quick finding of information about commercial properties. The company has operated in the Nordics market for more than 10 years and has over 80 % of market share. Datscha has more than 600 clients (over 95% satisfaction rate) and processes data about 4.000.000 commercial properties.


challengeBusiness Challenges: There were problems with their pricing plans calculation – it was too problematic and consumed a lot of time, it also caused delays and as a result, the productivity level was not on the forecasted level. The biggest challenge before the collaboration with Cloudity was to effectively manage a high number of different subscription plans and to generate offers quickly.


solutionApplied Solution: Cloudity implemented its own Subscription for Salesforce app at Datscha, the app supports automated subscriptions and billing management, it provides analysis of subscriptions trends, provides automated contract renewals and recurring revenue measurement. Moreover, the Subscription app provides support for progressive pricing plans and temporary discounts.


resultsAchieved Results: Within only 40 days after implementation, Datscha now needs comparatively less time to prepare complex sales offers combining various price plan calculations. The issue concerning preparing different price plans is no longer the problem. Now even the most complicated calculations can easily be managed. That saves time and has put the productivity of the company on the new level.

Implemented products and services: