Cloudity high in the Computerworld TOP200 & ITwiz Best 100 rankings

As always in the middle of each year, official statements regarding the operation of the IT industry in Poland have been summarized and published. 2017 was undoubtedly a time of intensive development of our company, which has been reflected in the results achieved. This year, Cloudity appeared in two rankings among the largest and most important IT companies in Poland! This is yet another success of our company, of which we are extremely happy.


Cloudity in Computerworld TOP200 & ITwiz Best 100


This year, we have appeared in the Computerworld TOP200 report for the very first time. This is the debut of our company, which is why we are extremely pleased that we have been listed in such a prestigious list analyzing the situation of the domestic IT market.

Computerworld TOP200 is a prestigious publication which, for more than 25 years, has been the basic source of information for those interested in the Polish IT sector: IT managers and directors, IT specialists and business analysts, but also potential clients looking for information on IT solution providers operating on the Polish market. The aim of the ranking is to provide the fullest description possible of the condition of the Polish IT sector in the perspective of IT companies’ revenues. The data is collected via CAWI (Computer-Assisted Web Interview) questionnaires, with access being given to IT company representatives and various types of operators. The report is prepared by International Data Group (IDG) – an international company responsible for publications and questionnaires dedicated to the new technologies market. The Polish Ministry of Economy is the Patron of the Computerworld TOP200 report.

Cloudity Computerworld

We were placed in as many as four categories! The highest position – 35th was in a list of IT companies with the largest revenue increase from IT in 2017! Another important position for us is the 49th position among companies with the largest increase in export revenues in 2017. Cloudity results in the other two categories also look very optimistic. We took 191th place among the largest IT service providers in 2017 and 323rd place in the list of the largest IT companies operating in Poland in 2017!

However, the success rate does not end with the Computerworld TOP200 ranking. We had high positions in another Polish ranking – ITwiz Best 100! This is another debut of our company – in the main ranking of the biggest IT companies, Cloudity took 212nd place!




There is no shortage of reasons for the entire Cloudity team’s satisfaction, which is confirmed by the high positions occupied in individual rankings summarizing the past year – and this is just the beginning of our climb to the top! After more than four years from the creation and intensive development in Poland and abroad, Cloudity is becoming an increasingly important player on the IT market. The Computerworld TOP200 and ITwiz Best 100 rankings confirm our strong position in the market of new technologies and business software, where we are boldly competing with international IT companies.

We hope for even faster and more intensive development and further expansion into new markets. Of course, this would not be possible without the trust of our clients and reliable cooperation with our partners. It is here that we would like to thank everyone with whom we have had the opportunity to cooperate in 2017. We are very pleased with the great results, we hope that the last 12 months was a great starting point, and that for 2018 we will take even higher positions!